Final work of the career of integral designer that consisted of planning the landscape and the urban furniture of a city square. It is called Santos Dumont and is located near the riverside avenue in the Alberdi neighborhood.


Square - A2 Ground plan (1:200 scale)

This A2 size plot at 1:200 scale reflects the terrain, delimited by three streets and a ravine, closed in its descent through some club's facilities.

The main areas of the square are:

  • monument
  • Bus stop
  • Elm tree
  • Trails
  • Plot

A bust located in the center of a pedestrian roundabout, connected to the sidewalk by diagonal paths and access.

The referent for the design was Antonio Berni, the city painter who introduced surrealism to Argentina. This association led to the integration of some concepts with the lines of nature, as well as the flora and fauna of the river.

Antonio Berni. Port, 1926

Antonio Berni. Port, 1926

The morphology of the urban furniture responds to this idea, as well as its conception.

The new space of the stage (in what used to be the plot) modifies both the circulation and physical appearance of the square, as well as the skyline of its landscape. Surrounding it, an elevated sidewalk leads step by step to a viewpoint.

It is very similar in height and characteristics to a pedestrian bridge, except that it faces the river and is closed to the side of the stage by an arch-shaped railing, the center of which is presided by Berni's work.

Square - A2 Ground plan (1:200 scale)

A2 map at 1:200 scale describing the existing terrain, bounded by three streets and a...

Square - Axonometric drawing northwest area

Axonometry of the bus stop and shelter area.

Square - Axonometric drawing central area

Axonometric drawing of the area of the pedestrian roundabout with monument.

Square - Axonometric drawing southwest area

Axonometric drawing of the southwest area, where the parapets, bicycle racks and the central access...

Square- Axonometric drawing southest area

Axonometric drawing of the labyrinth play area, drinking fountain and ascending sidewalk footpath.

Square - Axonometric drawing northeast area

Axonometric drawing of the viewpoint and Berni's work that presides over the stage.