Ader Comics was the first professional website that I made with WordPress independently. It was online from 2014 to 2020.

I implemented a custom design, with a custom lightbox. I also managed the domain name, hosting and maintenance. WP Theme Gallery (details) WP Theme Gallery (details)

The Story

Ader is a former fellow student who, because of my experience in a software company, consulted me about how I could put a portfolio of his illustrations and comics online.

His idea was to have a website like the one of Ivan Reis. At that time this artist had implemented a website with a CMS (content management system) of images that required a license. So I suggested using WordPress.

With a custom design and a plugin that helped him manage multimedia galleries, plus a lightbox based on PrettyPhoto (but modified to look more like what he wanted), I helped him to put his work online without having to learn to code HTML. This eventually led to his first professional assignment. WP Theme Frontpage (early version) WP Theme Frontpage (early version) WP Theme Frontpage WP Theme Frontpage WP Theme Frontpage Column Block WP Theme Frontpage Column Block WP Theme Frontpage WP Theme Frontpage WP Theme Media Library WP Theme Media Library

Annotated screen for the customer to understand the different data fields in the Media Library.

The Problem

How to publish a professional portfolio of illustrations and comics, and be able to edit and update it without having to learn HTML or pay a software license.

The Solution

Implement a custom design on WordPress, plus a lightbox modified to work with that design and a plugin to manage media galleries.

The lightbox

The other important element of the website was the lightbox, somehow independent of WordPress, which was implemented with PrettyPhoto.

PrettyPhoto brings several predesigned skins, among which you can choose the one you prefer: dark, light, Facebook type, etc.

However, none of them pleased the client: they all had bleeding and arranged the buttons differently. So the only solution was to "hack" the script. WP Theme Lightbox (specifications) WP Theme Lightbox (specifications)

This was PrettyPhoto's skin; below, what Ader really wanted: WP Theme Lightbox (specifications) WP Theme Lightbox (specifications)

I finally prepared a version more in line with the client's request: WP Theme Lightbox (proposal) WP Theme Lightbox (proposal)

This video was a demonstration of the lightbox. Although it wasn't exactly the final version, I was already applying a modification to the code to allow full bleed removal and a different interface layout.