I am an art enthusiast with a degree in contemporary design. I am an integral designer…

…enabled to design, direct and execute company logos and corporate images, three-dimensional objects, packaging or stands.

My professional career is linked to the IT sector, with 10 years of experience in design and front-end development through content management software such as OpenCMS and Drupal.

On this kind of job I’ve worked for Sony LATAM or Proteon (through Colaborativa.net) and in addition I did some independent film-related projects on the side.

Although I’m currently doing design-related rather than technical work, I still craft WordPress functionality for websites.

I’m a movie buff and amateur writer. I was the founder of Citynema.com, where critics who published went to get recognition.

Comics & Movies (book)

Comics & Movies (book)

I took part on the book Comic & Movies (2011), with an article called Cosmic Comics about the audiovisual history of one of the first superheros. I also published on various entertainment-related websites.

I read and write English fluently and I speak it a little less.

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